Selling Formats

Sell with Proxibid and be in control.

In the Proxibid Marketplace, you can sell how you want, when you want. Our flexible platform supports five different ways to sell. Choose the best option for your needs and reach a buyer base with serious spending power.

Timed Auction

Run your events with the industry leader.

Nobody provides a better platform for online, timed auctions. In 2014 alone, Proxibid ran nearly 8,000 timed events with 755 sellers.

Depending on a seller’s sense of urgency, inventory can be placed in a timed sale, with or without reserves. Timed events can accept bids for a few hours or several weeks. Last minute bids extend the end time, so the bidder willing to go the highest always wins.

Live Auction

Provide a live bidding experience to buyers anywhere in the world.

Proxibid provides the most seamless live bidding experience on the Web. Run a live auction in our Marketplace and let buyers from anywhere in the world bid in real time. Our live bidding application is easy-to-use and supports audio and video capabilities. Online buyers have a virtual front row seat at your auction. We provide all the training and support for sellers—or if you prefer, our team can run the application onsite or remotely.

See why almost 7,000 live auctions ran on Proxibid in 2014. Watch a demo of the Live Bidding Application.

Buy Now

Name the price you want for your assets and buyers purchase directly from you.

Proxibid’s Marketplace supports a traditional retail buying experience in addition to timed and live auctions. Similar to other ecommerce platforms, sellers set the sale price for items and buyers purchase with ease. All transactions are back by Proxibid’s bank-level, risk management system. Implement a Proxibid branded solution and buyers can purchase directly from your own website.

Make Offer

Buyers make an offer on your inventory. You decide which offers to accept.

The Proxibid Marketplace offers an additional purchase method not available with most ecommerce platforms. Sellers can let buyers make an offer on any item and then only sell if the offer price meets their needs. This functionality can be very valuable as it brings buyers to the table, and opens a negotiation. In addition to negotiating offers, sellers can also manage sealed bids and private treaty sales.


Proxibid’s Marketplace is full of buyers looking for exactly what you have to sell.

Market your inventory to more than 3 million Proxibid site visitors each month. Our base of active buyers is constantly growing; 10k+ new users open an account monthly. And those buyers reach beyond borders—Proxibid account holders represent more than 190 countries.

Harness the power of the Proxibid buyer base by advertising in our Marketplace. Marketing opportunities include banner display advertising, weekly e-newsletter promotion and custom email programs. Our email distribution list boasts 300k opted-in subscribers. Let our in-house marketing team build a custom marketing plan for your business that will drive real results.

View our Ad Catalog for a comprehensive overview of advertising opportunities on Proxibid.

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“Proxibid provides us with the opportunity to connect with thousands of online customers from around the world and has played a key role in our continuing expansion. Visually appealing and effective banner ads and e-mail blasts, the convenience of using APN (Auction Payment Network), and well-designed online catalogs have aided us in promoting our business and product to online customers.”

Ryan Watson
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